A note from Greg Bond, FOunder of Bond Arms

I met Terry Fant in 1999 when he had shown interest in making custom grips for the Bond Arms derringer that I had designed. At the time, the Bond Arms product line had few accessories available to our customers. On a trial basis, Terry supplied preliminary custom grip designs for our Bond Arms derringers. He exceeded my expectations. Shortly after, we had a full line of ivory, stag, giraffe bone, and various exotic wood grips available to our customers at reasonable prices.

During the years of my ownership with Bond Arms, I had contacted numerous other grip makers in the attempt to supplement our custom grips. Some of these nationally known grip makers provide grips for numerous other firearms manu- facturers. I quickly discovered that Terry’s grips were of better quality, better price, and he was much easier to work with. Therefore, Terry became the exclusive cus- tom grip maker for the Bond Arms line of handguns.

Terry’s expertise is not limited to Bond Arms guns. He made a pair of exquisite stag grips for my Colt single action army. He also provided me some very fine grips in both ivory and stag for Colt 1911s as well as a positively stunning pair of blue/gray giraffe bone grips for a Ruger Super Blackhawk.

My professional association with Terry lasted until 2008 when I sold Bond Arms. The current owner has wisely retained Terry Fant to continue making custom grips for the Bond Arms product line.

Greg and I