Abalone extended Bond arms grips on black ash


The Green Abalone laminated on black ash with the stainless steel finish of the Bond Arms Derringer team up perfectly creating a look that will be sure to catch everyone’s eye!

This style also come with added comfort and practicality. The extended Bond arms grips are an additional 3/4 of an inch longer than the standard/short Bond arms grips allowing room for an extra finger. This means added comfort and accuracy. Merging form with function seamlessly is what makes this Bond Arms grip a great addition to your favorite Bond Arms Derringer.

Like all Bond Arms replacement grips, this grip will fit all Bond Arms Derringer models. You can be sure this grip has the same high quality you expect from Bond Arms and the Bond Derringers making this a great grip that you should definitely check out.
Your choice of the Texas stars can be inlayed for an extra $15 a set

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