Bond Arms Rosewood with 2 tone star show grips


This beautiful set of Rosewood with 2 tone star inlay Bond grips belong to Greg Bond. They were the set he took to trade shows with him to promote his derringers and the accessories he had to offer back in the early days when his wife and he did all the shows their self trying to get Bond Arms off the ground. The picture of the grip box with the grips in it is how they presented it at the show. So if your a Bond Arms fan and want a small piece of the history of the making of Bond Arms heres your chance to grab a one of a kind pice of it! There are 9 sets of grips in the box 1 Ivory, 1 Black pearlite, 1 White pearlite, 2 Giraffe bone, 3 rosewood/star and one snake slayer and they are all on here. So grab your favorite before someone else dose!

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